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Use the KITSCH DEEP-CONDITIONING HEAT CAP for oil, moisture, or deep-conditioning treatments. Pop the heat cap into the microwave and wear it over the shower cap to lock in heat and evenly distribute it. Heat caps help hair absorb treatments quicker and deeper for healthier-looking locks while the shower cap keeps it protected from moisture.


Benefits /Features:


Applying heat to hair and scalp opens pores and hair cuticles.

Steam from heat enhances the benefits of favorite hair treatments to leave hair smooth & shiny.

Made from soft recycled polyester & filled with natural flaxseed

Reversible & reusable 

Conveniently cordless & microwavable 

Can be used on most hair types & textures 

Includes Heat Cap (x1) & Recyclable Shower Cap (x10) 

Made From Recycled Materials! 

One size fits most

Kitsch Eco-Friendly Deep-Conditioning Flaxseed Heat Cap

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